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Papayo Natural El Palmar

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Cultivar Papayo
Minimum order 1 bags
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Processing Natural
Bag Size 24 Kg (One 24kg box with two vacuum bags of 12kg)
Packaging Vacuum
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Region Tolima
Estimated arrival 23 Sep, 2023
Processing Natural
Notes SweetFruity
Farming Reduced PesticidesDeforestation-freeSmall farmFamily farmYoung farmerVisitors welcomeDO Colombia
Cultivar Papayo
Altitude 1400 masl
Bag Size 24 (One 24kg box with two vacuum bags of 12kg)
Packaging Vacuum
Drying Sun-dried - Elba
  • Get to know who, how and where the coffee that you will sell to your clients is produced. Each coffee goes through a unique process, many times engineered by the producer herself. Acquire the coffee in a direct and consistent manner and praise the value created at the farm.
  • Buying without the unnecessary intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. This helps generate better jobs and more prosperous rural communities.
  • When you buy pre-harvest you allow the producer to produce on demand at an agreed price. This is the most powerful way to motivate investment in quality. In addition, you indirectly support producers to get financing at a lower cost.
  • Support producers who strive for implementing environmentally friendly cultivation practices. It requires a lot of effort and higher costs to protect the environment and put in practice cleaner ways of farming. Support a more environmentally sustainable industry and communicate this to your customers.
  • Specially crafted coffee is not easily available as the big chunk of volume is pulled by commercial coffee, which is often institutionally protected. Therefore, buying crafted coffee is a great option to reward those risk-taking, innovative and revolutionary producers that are committed to conscious and quality consumption.
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Terroir: Tolima

Tolima is located between the eastern slope of the central mountain range and borders the western part of the eastern mountain range and has all the thermal floors due to its location on the equator. This region has peaks at more than 5,000 metres above sea level with sub-zero temperatures (such as the Tolima snow-capped mountain) but also has temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in the Magdalena valleys.

Rainfall is distributed throughout the year and the warm climate allows for twice-yearly flowering events and sandy textured soils with higher nutrient availability.

  • Altitude (m.a.s.l.) 1600-2100
  • Average temperature: 20.8 C
  • Annual rainfall (mm) 1880
  • Thermal Time (cumulative stages 2 and 3) 2140-2470


This variety, also known as Ombligon because of its protrusion (shaped like a navel) is a rare mutation that took place on a farm in Acevedo Huila, one hour from Pitalito. It points to Heirloom Ethiopian genetics. It has a grain similar to the Central American variety Pacamara, also with Bourbon lineage, and has a beautiful and aromatic blossom. Its cherries are similar in shape to the papaya fruit, which is what gave it its name.

The cup expresses itself with a balanced combination of aromas and flavours, as sweet and floral as the Gesha. The Papaya variety demands very specific nutrients to achieve the correct density, so it requires a nutritional plan that allows the correct growth process and avoids chlorosis (yellowing of the leaf tissue caused by a lack of chlorophyll due to nutritional deficiencies in the plant). If the plant is properly nourished, productivity is high and the grains are dense.

Approximate farm location