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Savanna Natural

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Estimated final 6-9 €/Kg
Cultivar Catuai
Minimum order 5 bags
SCA Cupping Score Log in
Processing Natural
Bag Size 60 Kg
Packaging Hermetic/GrainPro
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Region Brazil
Availability SPOT
Processing Natural
Notes SweetNutty Cocoa
Farming Reduced PesticidesWater RecyclingVisitors welcomeRainforest
Cultivar Catuai
Altitude 960 masl
Bag Size 60
Packaging Hermetic/GrainPro
Drying Sun-dried - African bed
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  • Get to know who, how and where the coffee that you will sell to your clients is produced. Each coffee goes through a unique process, many times engineered by the producer herself. Acquire the coffee in a direct and consistent manner and praise the value created at the farm.
  • Buying without the unnecessary intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. This helps generate better jobs and more prosperous rural communities.
  • When you buy pre-harvest you allow the producer to produce on demand at an agreed price. This is the most powerful way to motivate investment in quality. In addition, you indirectly support producers to get financing at a lower cost.
  • Support producers who strive for implementing environmentally friendly cultivation practices. It requires a lot of effort and higher costs to protect the environment and put in practice cleaner ways of farming. Support a more environmentally sustainable industry and communicate this to your customers.
  • Specially crafted coffee is not easily available as the big chunk of volume is pulled by commercial coffee, which is often institutionally protected. Therefore, buying crafted coffee is a great option to reward those risk-taking, innovative and revolutionary producers that are committed to conscious and quality consumption.
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Terroir: Brazil

Minas Gerais is a mountainous, landlocked state in southeastern Brazil of roughly the size of France. Minas Gerais lies almost wholly within the geologically ancient, mineral-rich uplands known as the Brazilian Highlands, reaching an elevation of about 790 metres above sea level.

With the exhaustion of the gold deposits in the 1770s, Minas Gerais entered a period of economic stagnation. But in the mid-nineteenth century coffee production boomed in the southern part of the province.


Catuai is a genetic cross between two natural Arabica mutations of yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo, that can come in red and variations. As it is a smaller plant, it can be planted closer together, creating a higher planting density, and allowing for easier access to its cherries during harvesting.

While the Catuai variety of coffee is characterised as being a vigorously growing coffee plant, it’s highly susceptible to coffee rust disease and coffee berry diseases. Red Catuai can have a fuller body and yellow Catuai can have a softer body, but it will depend on climatic conditions and altitude present when during growth, as well as the post-harvest processing employed.

Catuai is capable of creating a variety of notably unique cup profiles, depending on where and how it was cultivated. In general, red Catuai beans tend to produce more complex coffees.

Approximate farm location